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Our Story

EYP Advisors LLC was formed for a simple reason to help you compete and win in your marketplace.

  • We will help you sell more products and/or services that your key customers need, will buy, and will tell others about.
  • We will help you focus on the must have’s and give you the ammunition to avoid areas that will dilute you from your main goal.
  • We will help you deliver!  We have a track record of success.

People talk about thinking outside the box.  We have found over years of experience that many people running good companies will actually hide in the box during periods of change.  They default to areas of comfort.  Staying with the status-quo and waiting for the storm to pass becomes the operational plan.  By the time the storm passes and everyone is comfortable enough to come out of the box and compete aggressively the market has moved and these companies find themselves at a disadvantage.

Successful companies change the game during times of uncertainty.  They expand their thinking, maximize their strengths by taking manageable risks  and by implementing new rules cause their competitors to react to and follow them.

EYP (Expand Your Paradigm) Advisors will give you a view from an outsider looking in at your company.  We have seen and experienced a lot!  We ask the questions others very familiar with your company and/or industry may not have.  Working with your team, Roland Bydlon and his team of specialists will help you create actionable steps you can implement now to compete more efficiently, capture new business and grow your bottom line. In many cases the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  1+1+1 often equals 4 or 5 or 6!  You should be able to grow sales revenue with the same or less expense outlay.

Top line growth.  Bottom line results.

Please look over our site, read our blog and contact us for more information.