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A Big Thank You!!

There is no “I” in “team”. We have all heard it said and it is true. The magic of a team is the sum of its parts. When a team works well the sum is greater than that of any individual piece. Yes 1 plus 1 does equal 3 in many teams.

I have had the honor throughout my career to work with many gifted individuals. I try whenever possible to surround myself with the best people and set goals that will challenge current paradigms and thinking to introduce products into the marketplace in innovative ways.

At ParaPRO the marketing team is charged with some heavy lifting. After the overall strategy is approved the team is tasked with refining it and then developing and implementing tactics to carry it out. Around that team are many other individuals that often are not directly noticed but whose contribution to the success of an effort is enormous. For example we have a group of dedicated assistants that make all of our travel arrangements and handle any and all of our logistics issues. I remember very well a trade show where everything was delivered except one to the pieces of the booth. FEDEX had delivered 5 of 6 cases. Turned out case number 6 was about ready to be loaded on a plane back to Indianapolis. A very capable and valuable assistant turned a near catastrophe into a good story by getting the case rerouted and returned to the exhibition hall in time for the show. Checks have been cut and delivered on short notice when someone forgot to sign an invoice. Laptops have been resurrected when they decided to crash 30 minutes before a crucial presentation. Graphics to support critical efforts and been designed, produced and delivered in short order. Posters, books and correspondence have been distributed to customers as promised like clockwork.

It doesn’t happen by itself. Kelley, Robin, Cathy, Faye, Amy, Joanne, Cory, Bobby and Steve M. just want you to know that I appreciate everything you do. Great job!

Until next time – all the best!


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