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A great day for a bike ride!

The view from a bicycle can be invigorating.

Yesterday was just a normal day with lots of things to think about.  Analyze a sales process for one client, brainstorm ways to enter a market for another, and try to expand my own client base (an ongoing task).    Lots of tasks and never enough time to get everything done.

I looked outside.  It was a beautiful day.  I took a look at my schedule.  No scheduled meetings all morning.  I had a lot of what I thought were more important things to do but I made an executive decision, pulled on my biking (the foot powered type) clothes and spent the next 90 minutes riding the Monon trail, a rails to trail linear park located near my house.

I like to exercise but it seems I never have enough time.  Something always seems to come up and the exercise takes a back seat.  I “spin” at my gym, a great workout with a teacher, good music and the regulars that keep me going.  Over the past few weeks even my spinning classes were being pushed aside by work meetings, doctor appointments, and other scheduling challenges.

Well yesterday was different.  I got on the bike, took a deep breath, told myself to live in the “now” and enjoy the ride.     It had rained overnight.  My first thought was how great everything smelled the morning after a rain.  The air was filled with seeds from various plants.  Berries were all over the path.   The trail had changed since the last time I was on it.  Various construction projects had changed the look.  It was about a mile longer than when I rode it last Fall.    There were uprooted trees in the river I had not noticed before.  Children and their guardians of all ages were everywhere enjoying a beautiful day.

Upon returning one of the first things I noticed was how good I felt.  I had ridden hard covering about 25 miles but I felt refreshed.   I got cleaned up, sat down and ideas to solve the problems of the day just seemed to flow on to the paper.  I think I accomplished more the 2 hours after the ride than the 8 hours before it.  I was much more productive, and probably in a better mood, after the exercise than before.

I try to take a few minutes at the beginning of each day to think through what needs to be done, who I will be meeting with and what the desired outcome should be.   I take some time at the end of the day to go over what happened and if I accomplished my goals. 

My bike ride today was my body’s way to telling me that I need to add time to exercise to my list and make sure to schedule it in.  

Until next time – All the best!


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