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A visit to the license bureau

This is a note I sent to Matthew Tully, the political reporter at the Indianapolis Star today.

I went to renew my driver’s license today. Not a big thing but something I don’t look forward to. The last time, 4 years ago, I stood in one line to check in, waited for 45 minutes, stood in another line to take my eye exam, stood in another line for my picture and another line to pay the bill. The entire visit was over 2 hours of frustration.

I visited the Nora branch today over my lunch hour. There were only about 10-15 people in the office. I was helped immediately. I was out in 15 minutes. The thing that hit me was the mood in the office. Everyone was smiling!! “Tell your friends we have the best branch in Marion County”. The staffer told me.

Wow – things have changed at the license branch.

My profession is marketing. One of the first lessons one learns is if you want your customers to return listen to them and treat them well. I never thought a bureaucratic organization like the license branch would make me smile. I don’t know how the governor and his staff did it but they have created a great organization at the license branch and deserve to be congratulated.

Now how do we get the same spirit into the Post Office?

Roland Bydlon


Politicians always seem to promise something and then come up with reasons/excuses why it never happened. The license bureau has been the whipping boy of inefficient government for the 20 years that I have lived in Indiana. I find it energizing that things are improving.
Until next time,

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. You just have to look and appreciate the many small things that are improving our lives on a daily basis.


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