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Angie’s List is Changing the Game

How is an organization with 2.5 million members planning to compete and grow in the future?  By changing the game!

Up to now Angie’s List (NASDAQ: ANGI ) has built their business on providing their members outstanding recommendations on service providing vendors (plumbers, electricians, HVAC,  roofers etc)  The recommendations come from other members.  Highly ranked businesses are allowed to advertise on Angie’s List.  The company makes money from membership dues and business advertisements.

Upload a picture, request a time and relax Angie's List takes care of the rest.

Upload a picture, request a time and relax.   Angie’s List takes care of the rest.

How far can you grow?

Angie’s List was one of the first services to allow members to communicate with each other easily.  This provided transparency.  Good vendors were recommended and grew.  Shady ones were exposed.  Angie’s List prospered.  Time moves on and other competitors are in the market.  Angie’s List has expanded to numerous markets nationwide but there is a limit to the expansion.  What do you do now to meet shareholders expectations of consistent growth?

Answer – change the game

I was at a Tech Point meeting recently and had the opportunity to hear Shelly Towns, VP Product, at Angie’s List participate.  According to Towns Angie’s List will leverage its strength,  facilitating communication with members and outstanding vendors to take the member experience to a new level.

Angie’s List will provide a unique brand experience

The current process of contracting with a home repair vendor has the service provider in the center.  You call a plumber, the vendor tells you when they can make it – usually giving you a range of times (i.e. 2-5 in the afternoon) and you wait.  The good ones will sometimes call you to tell you if they are on schedule and when their driver is in route.  If you don’t like the proposed times you call someone else.

Angie’s List will put their member in the center.  Through a program they are developing called SnapFix members will be able to take a picture of their problem (rotten fence, leaky faucet, cracked driveway etc.) upload it to Angie’s List and specify a date and time they would like a vendor to come for repair the problem and/or provide an estimate.   Angie’s List will assign a vendor based on the problem, a priority score and available time.  Once the vendor accepts the assignment Angie’s List will guarantee the vendor will be there on time.

No more staying at home all afternoon waiting for the plumber to arrive.

If this works Angie’s List will shift their value proposition from facilitating recommendations to delivering results taking the hassle out things many consumers would rather not deal with.

What a game changer.   I wish them success.

Until next time – all the best!



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