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Appreciate the moment

I was driving into work this morning and heard the following poem “The High Water Mark” on The Writer’s Almanac narrated by Garrison Keillor.

The poem touched me. How many times have we lived through something and did not really appreciate the significance of the event until years later. Only then did we say gosh I’d like to do that again and this is what I would do differently.

I had an opportunity a few years ago to launch a couple of prenatal vitamins using a national sales force. My team at Integrity Pharmaceutical Corporation did a fantastic job and the products were very successful. A key new ingredient DHA is now a staple in both OTC and Rx prenatal vitamins. We learned a lot and as time passed many of us have ended up in different places and looked back at that unique time in our careers.

I have been blessed and now have the opportunity to launch another product in a different area using new techniques. I need to remind myself to appreciate the moment. I wonder what would happen if I just let go and drifted downstream …..

An interesting thought.

Until next time – all the best!



Reprinted from website.

Poem: “High Water Mark” by David Shumate, from High Water Mark (buy now) © University of Pittsburgh Press, 2004.

High Water Mark

It’s hard to believe, but at one point the water rose to this level. No one had seen anything like it. People on rooftops. Cows and coffins floating through the streets. Prisoners carrying invalids from their rooms. The barkeeper consoling the preacher. A coon hound who showed up a month later forty miles downstream. And all that mud it left behind. You never forget times like those. They become part of who you are. You describe them to your grandchildren. But they think it’s just another tale in which animals talk and people live forever. I know it’s not the kind of thing you ought to say… But I wouldn’t mind seeing another good flood before I die. It’s been dry for decades. Next time I think I’ll just let go and drift downstream and see where I end up.

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  • Anonymous January 10, 2008, 1:56 pm

    What a wonderful thought to just drift and see where you go.

    Enjoy your day!

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