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Be specific, concise & memorable

While skimming the electronic media today I came across an article on visionary leadership. The slightly edited article is included below.

Many people have told me that you need a 30 second “elevator speech” for your company, each product, and even for yourself. The idea is if you get on an elevator with a key customer can you tell him/her what you do and why they should buy your product/service before the elevator stops.

Carmine Gallo takes it one step further. Do it in 10 words or less and he provides some good examples of how a specific, concise and memorable vision has captured hearts, minds and success.

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Be a Visionary Leader
By Carmine Gallo

Extraordinary leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, educators, and professionals create an emotional connection with their listeners by articulating a vision so bright, so magnificent, the rest of us cannot help but come along for the ride.

Build a Vision Not a Statement.

Don’t confuse vision with a mission statement. A mission statement is a long, convoluted paragraph. A vision, on the other hand, must be memorable and must have impact. Therefore, it has to be simple and profound. The challenge is, of course, attaining both. So how do you do it? By keeping your vision to ten words or less.

Sell It – Fast!

The folks at Sequoia Capital, the prominent venture firm behind such companies as Cisco, Google, and Apple, call it “the one–liner”: a concise statement that tells people what you do. Condensing your vision into ten words or less reflects your command of the business and your market. As one venture capitalist told me, “If you can’t say it in ten words or less, I’m not investing, I’m not buying, I’m not coming on board, I’m not leasing you space. Period.”
It might sound harsh, but this venture capitalist makes a good point. We all have audiences that we need to influence. Whether they are customers, employees, landlords, bankers, or investors, they want to understand you and your message – fast! They need to “get it” so they can decide whether your company, product, or service is worth exploring.

Articulate Your Pitch – a couple of good examples.

Google – “We deliver the world’s information in one click.”
Cisco Systems – “We network networks.”

It’s the power of your words that will ultimately feed your audience’s imagination and encourage them to back your vision and values. If you can articulate a compelling vision of the world that is specific, concise, and memorable, you will not only have grabbed their attention, but you will have captured their hearts. And where their hearts lead, their minds are sure to follow.

Carmine Gallo is a communications coach for the world’s most admired brands. His book, Fire Them Up! contains insights from top business leaders who inspire through the language of motivation.

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