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Roland J. Bydlon

Senior Strategist & Founder, EYP Advisors


Mr. Bydlon helps his clients grow their business in game changing ways  – creating sustainable competitive advantage for their companies and measurable return on investment for their shareholders.

Marketing/Sales consulting with a CFO perspective!

Mr. Bydlon’s expertise in creating and implementing marketing and business development strategy and the use of inbound marketing & marketing automation, financial analysis, and the deployment of tactics over social media has enabled him to recommend and support key strategic and operational initiatives.

His career began as an officer of a nuclear powered submarine in the US Navy followed by over 10 years with Eli Lilly and Company in various assignments supporting activities worldwide.   He helped develop HumaPen, an insulin delivery device used in Europe and Japan and was awarded a US Patent for its ergonomic design.  Mr. Bydlon has spent the past 15 years implementing transformational tactics in his work with technology and life science based companies of all sizes and stages.  He is one of the four founders of Integrity Pharmaceutical Corporation eventually growing the company to over 100 employees.  He spearheaded an effort that resulted in a client ParaPRO LLC, being awarded a multi-million dollar grant from the Indiana 21 Fund to support clinical research.  He was the first director of marketing at AVANTEC, a data management company.  Recently he facilitated a research project with Purdue University for the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) dealing with microbial induced corrosion of concrete (MIC).

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Mr. Bydlon earned his engineering degree from the University of Minnesota and MBA from the University of Michigan, graduating from both programs with distinction.  He is a licensed professional engineer (PE), a passionate speaker, an accomplished author and is currently on the board of directors at the Indianapolis chapter of the American Marketing Association.  Mr. Bydlon has also been active in the Boy Scouts, the Friends of Honduran Children, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church.  He lives in Indianapolis Indiana with his wife Sue and sons Tim and Kyle.

Please contact Roland the following ways:

Email – rolandb@eypadvisors.com
Mobile – 317.605.6044
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/rolandbydlon
Twitter tag:  @rjbydlon

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