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Choose to smile

You want to smile - right?

My wife and I adopted a kitten this week.  Well she adopted the kitten and I agreed with the decision.  There are things in a marriage that a husband learns not to say “no” to.    We brought “buddy” home, a cute 2.4 lb yellow tabby.  See picture at left.  One thing I noticed very quickly is that it is very difficult NOT to smile as a kitten chases it’s tail, purrs in your lap, even when it crawls up your leg.  How can you frown at that face?

My mother told me a long time ago that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile.  I don’t know if that is true.  What I do know is that most of the time when you smile at someone they smile back.  You hold the door for someone with a smile they hold it for the next person.  Smiles are contagious.

We are given free will to choose how to react to almost everything that happens in life.  Good things happen and we react.  We smile.  We laugh.  Sad things happen and we cry.  We are wronged by someone and we get angry.  Some people I know get angry and stay that way for a long time.  Everyone in the room knows it too.  Others make the best of a bad situation and move on.

We know we like to be around people who are happy and smiling.  Why are some people more “happy” than others?  What does it take to be happy?   I recently came across an article titled 15 powerful things happy people do differently.  You can access the article here.  Honestly ask yourself the 15 questions.  Are you a happy person?  Challenge yourself.  What can you do to be a happier person?

Choose to smile

We all have our good days and our bad days.  I try to have more happy days than grumpy.  Colin Powell said “get mad then get over it”  Some days I think I am OK until I get a stare from a loved one asking what is wrong.  We are given free will to react to any situation we encounter.  We get to choose how we react?  I think happy people are those who choose to smile even when they don’t feel like it or don’t need to.  A rising tide floats all boats.  The sun will come up tomorrow etc. etc.

I saw a short video at the Heartland Film Festival here in Indianapolis a few years ago.  The title is “Validation”.   If you are feeling down and have 15 minutes follow the link.  I guarantee you will smile.  Over 8 million views on YouTube!

If that is not enough try this one.  Virgin America put together a safety video that will make you smile and probably have you humming the tune for a while.  When was the last time you enjoyed listening to an airline safety video?  Nice branding!  I hope you are smiling now.

In this day of 24 hour news, of talk shows warning us of this or that, of tea parties and liberals accusing each other of everything, we have a choice.  We can choose to accept what we hear, be scared and transfer our negativity to others or we can look for the good that is always out there.  We just need to find it.  Choose to smile.

Until next time – all the best!


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