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This news story came out this afternoon. The air passenger rights law was drafted and approved after hundreds of passengers were stranded at New York City airports a few years ago due to bad weather. Passengers were on planes, stranded within site of the gate, for hours without access to food or fresh water after the plane ran out. The airplanes would not go back to the gate because they were afraid they would lose their place in line. People were so mad they slammed the airlines and politicians got involved by passing a state law. It was a public relations and word of mouth disaster.

Now it seems the airline industry got the law overturned. Are these companies more fearful of lawsuits or angry consumers? Seems the fear of lawsuits won.

I’d like to see a gutsy airline guarantee that they will operate as if this law was in effect. Tell consumers that they matter. Then use the pledge as a way to differentiate their service from everyone else.

Which airline would you rather fly on??

It just may work.

Until next time – all the best!



Court Overturns Air Passenger Rights Law
By LARRY NEUMEISTER (Associated Press Writer)
From Associated Press
March 25, 2008 1:11 PM EDT

NEW YORK – A federal appeals court has rejected a law requiring airlines to provide food, water, clean toilets and fresh air to passengers trapped in a plane delayed on the ground.
The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that New York’s new state law interferes with federal law governing the price, route or service of an air carrier. It was the first law in the nation of its kind.

The appeals court said the new law was laudable but only the federal government has the authority to enact such a regulation.

The law was challenged before the appeals court by the Air Transport Association of America, the industry trade group representing leading U.S. airlines.

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