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Content is King!

ContentMicheal Reynolds posted some great comments on Spinweb this morning about why just concentrating on a  social media strategy may not get you very far.  His blog post can be found here.

In his posting Reynolds points out the following;

What is the typical timeline leading up to a sale? In B2B, it might look something like this for a prospect:

  1. Prospect does a Google search for an answer to a problem
  2. Prospect finds your blog post that answers the question
  3. Prospect subscribes to blog
  4. Prospect reads the occasional blog post and then one day clicks on a call to action to download an ebook
  5. Prospect reads ebook and clicks on the “Follow on Twitter” icon at the end
  6. Prospect sees your Twitter postings for a while and eventually downloads a case study that you share
  7. Prospect sees that you solve problems for other companies like hers and is impressed with your results (as shared in the case study)
  8. Prospects picks up the phone and calls

If this is how customers find you rather than implementing a strategy to have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon .. etc etc.  Reynolds says that your strategy should be to create outstanding content.  As customers read and forward your content to others your reach will expand exponentially.

In other words don’t worry about establishing a presence on every social media platform, rather put your efforts in producing valuable and relevant content that your customers will want to read (and forward to others).  Remember to invest in things you own and control like your website (rather than a company page on Facebook or LinkedIN that can and will be controlled by their owners) and make sure whatever you publish has links back to a property owned by you.   Finally make sure you invest in a good marketing automation solution to track how prospects are finding you and expand what is working.

Until next time – all the best!

Roland B


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