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Define your Brand’s Viewpoint

How will you make your brand stick out from the crowd?

How will you make your brand stick out from the crowd?

I read a great post from Tiffany Sauder, the President of Element Three yesterday.  It was about common and costly brand mistakes.  You can read the entire post here.

When some people think of a “brand” they think of the logo, of the color, of how using a product or service makes them feel. According to Tiffany brands with top performers are much more.  They have a personality and a viewpoint: they stand for something.  In the minds of your customers, standing for nothing could mean you can’t be counted on. Or that you don’t really want to be honest. Or that you don’t feel their pain.

Tiffany suggests you ask questions like these to find your brand’s viewpoint:

  1. What benefits do we offer that no one else can offer?
  2. Who do we serve and what do they care about?
  3. What do our customers tell us they love or hate about us?
  4. What beliefs do we hold sacred as an organization and how do we live those?
  5. How might we change the game to our customers’ (and to our) advantage?

I would add, How much risk are we (as a company) willing to take to differentiate our brand and define our market?  And a related follow up, How will we know we have succeeded?

Great questions to ask proactively as you decide what you are going to do to drive business over the next year.

Questions/comments, please reach out.

Until next time – all the best!


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