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Do you want your satisfied customers to tell others about what you do?   Of course you do!

Do you want them to feel ownership in your success and tell others?   Yes!

Do you want a new tool for your promotion toolbox that will complement what you are already doing?

I recently heard Amy Lesnick, head of social innovation and non profits at Indiegogo, give a talk on the value of crowdfunding.   Crowdfunding is a way of getting people (future customers and/or investors) excited to be part of your dream.  As your community expands they will tell others who will tell others etc. etc.

According to Amy the following are the key reasons to consider crowdfunding for your company

  1. Raise capital
  2. Increase awareness
  3. Engage your community
  4. Validate the market (do you customers want to support your product?)
  5. Get smarter faster – learn from your passionate followers
  6. Serendipity – good things happen

The secrets of success are;

  • have an engaging pitch – create a compelling story and make it personal
  • create early momentum – people want to be part of a winning project
  • be proactive – thank your supporters, provide regular updates, encourage them to tell others

A company highlighted was Just Food LLC.  Their founder Julie Bombacino discussed how she used crowd funding to increase the awareness of her company which is making products for tube fed children and adults.  She raised over $15,000 from 239 people over 30 days.  Many of these individuals bought a package of products which were donated to hospitals.  She was not offering a piece of the company, rather she was offering interested individuals a way to be part of her dream.  Her goal was $10,000 which she exceeded in less than a week after starting the campaign.  Check out her story here.

Crowdfunding takes planning and work.  Most things that are worth doing do.  What is a passionate following of users worth to you?  Invite your customers to help you and tell their friends.   If you want to add another quiver to your arsenal consider crowdfunding.

Until next time – all the best!



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