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Extreme Marketing

I heard a piece on NPR recently that discussed the rise of “extreme marketing”. The announcer discussed a convenience store that installed a 20 inch plasma TV inside the store to entice patrons to stay longer and buy more products. A KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) initiative was described that provided office workers with a delivered lunch. A spokesman said, “If you smell it you’ve got to have it.”

I don’t know if I would call this “extreme.” Vendors have been giving away popcorn at trade shows for years. The smell of freshly popped popcorn attracts individuals the vendor wants to talk to like food attracts flies. Starbucks has sold millions of cups of very expensive coffee by creating an environment where the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the comfort of an overstuffed couch create an environment for personal and professional gatherings (and lots more cups of coffee).

Maybe “extreme marketing” is rather full sensual marketing. See it, smell it, hear it, feel it, taste it and create an experience your customers want to tell others about. That will create an advantage that will separate your product or service from all the clutter.

Now how do you create an environment to sell a regulated pharmaceutical product? If this were easy everyone would be doing it!

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