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Godin: Sell an edgy product in an edgy way

The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly?

I had the opportunity to hear Seth Godin speak in person yesterday.  The only problem was he wasn’t here in Indiana.  Superstorm Sandy had him stranded in New York.  The 600 of us who gathered at the TechPoint Innovation Summit at Indianapolis Convention Center were disappointed.  Any other person would have used the weather as an excuse and said see you next time ….. but not Godin.  When he found out he couldn’t fly out he recorded his 45 minute speech and sent it to Indy.  His talk was broadcast on 3 large screens.  Godin called in at the end and took live Q&A from the group.  It was almost as good as in person – some may argue that it was better because he could edit out the rough spots.   Thanks Seth for a great talk.  It was the highlight of my day.

Seth is promoting his new book The Icarus Deception and had numerous stories and 10 rules for successful marketing to back them up.  A few top line items I came away from his talk are;

  1. Newspapers, magazines, radio and TV were created to sell advertising!  The Internet was created to connect people.  The paradigm of more advertising pushed down your customers throats resulting in more sales does not and will not work in a medium designed for connections driven by consumers.  Marketers need to blow up what they are doing and join the connection revolution.
  2. Create a product or service worth seeking out and deliver your message with a connection that people will want to share.
  3. Act like an artist.  Be vulnerable.  If you are not going to innovate you can’t make art – you will fail.   Be willing to admit “this may not work.”
  4. No cookie cutter companies.  No cookie cutter producers.  Sell an edgy product in an edgy way to a small group of people who are passionate enough to share the word with others.
  5. According to Godin (using a book analogy) every best seller is a surprise best seller.  There is no formula.  Otherwise everyone would have a best seller.  Edgy companies find a way to get past the naysayers and get started.  They fly high and lead the field – risk averse competitors flying low will dine on scraps.

Your customers will ask the questions; Does it matter?  Is it worth it?   Will I talk about this?  Godin says don’t race to the bottom by cutting costs, following the crowds and being one of many.  Rather race to the top by being an artist, putting your product out there for your “tribe” to slash apart or love.  Follow your passion.  Enjoy the ride!

Until next time – all the best!


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