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It is a marathon!

Today is day 12 of the 17-day run of the Indiana State Fair.

I am in a routine.  Up at 4:45 AM each day, off to work at 5:10, pull into the Fair by 5:20 and punch in by 5:30.  I grab a cup of coffee and an orange juice from the hospitality tent and I’m off on my rounds starting another day.

My team and everyone around me are also into the routine.  Some are focused on just getting through the day.  Some seem to complain more as the days stack up.  A few look at each day as a new opportunity.  There are lots of new things happening each day at the Fair.  Many are very interesting but you must search them out.   The pigs and cattle that were here at the beginning of the Fair are gone but dairy cows have been here for the past few days.  Each morning and evening they are lined up to be milked.  The Percheron and Clydesdale draft horses are also here.  Each horse is led out and walked around the parking lot each morning.  It is quite a site to see these huge horses!  A group from Habitat from Humanity is building a house on the fairgrounds.  They are just about finished and the house will be open for tours the last few days of the Fair.

The customers are a varied breed.  There are many pissed off people who seem to want to argue about anything, especially when it is about where to park their car.  I’m becoming an expert in handicapped parking.   I’ve had the opportunity to help dozens of people over the past 12 days with a number of things from finding a place to park their school bus to finding them a convenient place to rent a wheelchair to giving them a lift to a remote area of the Fairgrounds in my golf cart.

We have choices.  We can concentrate on the negative and let some jerks ruin our day or we can ignore those folks and concentrate on the ones that are appreciative and energize us.  It is a lot more fun and rewarding to concentrate on the later.

The Year of Pigs

This editorial cartoon from the August 14th edition of the Indianapolis Star made me smile.  The theme of this year’s Fair is “The year of the Pigs.”   Is this about the 4 footed version that is displayed or the 2 footed version that visits and works the Fair?  The average clientele of the guest and the average staff member who works here is rather large.  Three of the people that work on my team cannot fit into a size 2XL shirt because it is too small.  The fair food such as Deep Fried Butter, the “Garbage Burger” and “Pigs in the Mud” (deep fried bacon dipped in chocolate) are not really my version of healthy.   More on this in a future post.

Well I’ll sign off for now.  It is time to get to bed to get a start on day 13.

Until next time – all the best!


Photo credit – August 14, 2010

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