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Netflix gets it!!

I am on the 2 CD at a time plan with Netflix.  I send a CD back and I get the next one on my list.  It usually comes the next day since the distribution center is here in Indianapolis.   I usually always have at least one CD to watch.  Most of the time 2.

I got this email recently from Netflix.

Netflix customer service email

The email I received from Netflix

They could have sent me this same email stating that I would not receive my CD for 3-5 days.  They could have asked if I still wanted it.   Instead they told me they were sending it (a good thing) AND they were sending me an extra CD (a totally unexpected thing) so I would still have 2 CDs to watch.

It costs them an extra CD for a few days.  What it gets them is a satisfied customer willing to tell others.

Make your customers happy.  It seems simple but many companies have forgotton how to do it.  Netflix ticked many of their customers off last year raising rates and bragging about it.  It seems like they have turned over a new leaf.

Thanks Netflix!

Until next time – all the best!


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