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Say it with video

Making a video is easier than you think!

I’m a visual person.  If I see a picture connected to a story  I remember it much easier and longer than if I read text.  There are lots of people that remember things just like me.   That is why adding video to email boost viewing 200-300%.  There is research that states that ecommerce sites using video sell 45% more.  I attended a luncheon recently where Jon DiGregory the CEO of Cantaloupe.tv gave an energetic talk on using video to market your company and sell your products to both B2C and B2B customers.

According to Jon video is Internet currency.  It is the great leveler that allow a small company with a compelling message and story to compete for share of voice (eyeballs and ears) with the big boys.   With new digital technology video is easy to make and easy to upload.  The group with the most relevant content often wins.  This means higher ranking on Google and other search engines, more links, more buzz, more customers and ultimately more sales.

According to Jon there are 5 key ingredients to implementing a successful video program.

1.    Strategy
a.    Need to be believable
b.    Need to be real
c.    Need to find entertaining ways of telling stories in your space

2.    Production
a.    It is about relevant content

3.    Management
a.    Decide in advance where your video will reside (ie Brightcove, YouTube etc.)
i.    Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each platform.  Can you access your data?  Is it expandable?
b.    Implement items that will help video improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your digital assets. (ie transcripts)
c.    Imbed a call to action (an offer) in your video that will invite action.

4.    Eyeballs
a.    Need to attract the right audience
b.    Consider cross data base exposure
i.    Budweiser paid to have JIBJAB create a video of Budweiser frogs
c.    Public relations
i.    Incorporate video into a press release to differentiate and make it more likely piece will be used and shared.
d.    Create more opportunities to sell
i.    About us video – show off who you are
ii.    Client story – told from the client’s perspective
1.    Very believable
iii.    Tips / techniques from an expert
e.    Nurture your clients.
i.    Hit every client with relevant video stories once/month

5.    Measurement
a.    Measure what is important.
i.    Leads, engaged leads with questions, video downloads.
ii.    It is not all about sales – nurture the contacts in the sales funnel.
b.    Public relations.
i.    Who is accessing your digital assets?  Where are they going?  What are they doing?
ii.    How are your competitors doing?  What are they doing well?
iii.    Consider hiring a firm to keep regular totals

The biggest learning point is to get started. Video works.  A best practice is to start with a small, relatively inexpensive, pilot project.  Implement.  Measure the results.  Make changes and implement again.

Video is a vital piece of a comprehensive marketing communication plan.  The time is now to stop watching and to jump into the pool!!

Until next time – all the best!


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