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Spread the word – For poison ivy Zanfel works!!

A great treatment for poison ivy

I received a sample of Zanfel at the National Association of School Nurses (NASN) annual conference last year.    The traditional way of treating poison ivy symptoms is basically to grin and bear it.  Your skin is covered with urushiol (the oil from the plant).  The skin breaks out and itches, a natural reaction, but the urushiol gets absorbed into the skin and is difficult to remove.    It takes the body about 2 weeks to get rid of it.  It the mean time the site itches, oozes urushiol that can spread to other areas of the body, and eventually scabs over and dries out.

Many individuals use hydrocortisone and other steroids to treat the symptoms.  Less itching, less spread or so goes the theory.  The problem is, at least for me it doesn’t work.   Two tubes and a lot of itching later the outbreak eventually runs its course.  As the years go on the more often it happens the worse it seems to get.

According to the packaging Zanfel actually removes the urushiol, thus there is no need for steroids or to endure the 14-day healing process.  Sounds like a simple idea.  Treat the source and not the symptoms!

Well my tube of Zanfel went into the closet.  This past weekend while doing some yard cleaning I came across some poison ivy.  Unfortunately I didn’t realize until the next day while in the shower.  It was all over one of my arms and another patch on a leg.  Well I used the stuff according to the directions and IT WORKED!

So to all the folks who make and market Zanfel – THANK YOU. To all of us who talk via social media spread the word – For poison ivy Zanfel works!

Until next time – all the best!


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