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Steak n Shake – they are listening!

The home of the “steakburger” has a few healthy alternatives.

I had lunch yesterday with a friend at the Steak ‘n Shake restaurant in Circle Center Mall in downtown Indianapolis. My son had given me a page of coupons from the Sunday paper. My wife had put me on notice that I need to start to eat healthy.

I tried the apple and walnut salad combination (only $4.99 with the coupon). It was fantastic! The restaurant was incredibly busy. During the course of the meal a waitress dropped a tray of drinks directly behind me. I just missed a very cold and sticky shower. My shoes got a bit wet but it was no big deal to wipe them off and move to another chair at the table we were sitting at.

Later the very apologetic waitress came over and offered us both free milkshakes. Well it seems they now have fruit and frozen yogurt shakes. What a treat.

Steak ‘n Shake is doing a few things well.
1) They seem to have heart healthy food that parents may want to eat. I hope the new menu items are successful and stay around.
2) They used a very good coupon deal to get me to try it.
3) Accidents happen. I never asked for any special treatment but was offered some free food to make up for an inconvenience. I ended up trying something I had not ordered before but will most likely order again.

The next time my kids want to go out to eat I may just suggest Steak ‘n Shake.

Until next time – All the best!


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