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The housing market is about to explode – ask an expert

Realtors are adding QR codes to their signs

When you want to find out information everyone knows to ask an expert.  We also know that lots of people say they are experts.  Just watch CNN or CNBC for a while.  Never a shortage of people saying the sky is falling, the economy is crashing, we should all live in fear etc. etc.

Well good news.   I had lunch with a friend who is a realtor this week.  He and his partner sold about $15 Million in listings last year.  A below average year according to him.  Things are picking up.  He told me his office closed over $5 Million in business in January alone.  His biggest worry is he has no inventory of houses to sell!    He is competing with other realtors in the area for listings.

Seems like the market is primed for growth.

If you want to know valuable information talk to an expert.   Someone with first hand knowledge.  If you want to know about the housing market talk to a realtor that talks to customers every day.  There are good things happening!!

Until next time – all the best!


I thought this was an interesting sign.  Realtors are now using QR codes to help them connect buyers with sellers.  The QR code on this sign unfortunately for the customer goes to a traditional desktop website that is hard to read and use.  Innovators are developing landing pages specifically for mobile smartphones.  Disclosure – I have a client in this space.  More later.

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