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They were all texting!

I went to the Indiana Pacers – Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game last night. It was a fantastic game. LeBron had 47 points and the Pacers won by 1 point. A great night.

What struck me was the number of teenagers and twentysomethings at the game. There were a lot of them. And also what many were doing before, after and during the game. They were texting! The girl sitting in front of me must have sent 50 messages over the course of the 2 hour game. Using two thumbs she could put words on her i-phone faster than I can type on my laptop.

I don’t know how they watch the game, talk to their friends next to them and keep up with multiple conversations via texting but they seem to pull this multi-tasking off.

The marketer that can join this conversation should have a unique advantage.

Until next time – all the best!


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