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Sell solutions not features

Sell solutions not features

I was talking to a potential client recently.  He described some of his innovative products.  His company has a technology that is cutting edge.  I told him I was impressed.  Then he said “would it matter if I told you we have 10 competitors in the market that do the same thing?”

The reality is that his company’s technology allows customers to communicate faster and more efficiently.  Meetings are more productive.  Agreements are easier to reach.  Business happens faster leaving executives to spend more time doing other things (i.e. dinner with family).  Yes there are others in his marketplace with similar products but his company’s package of products and services provide a very unique value proposition to their customers.

Many of us have heard to phrase, sell holes not drills.  In other words sell the benefits of a solution vs. the features of a particular product or service.  Buyers make decisions on emotion.  Think big!  Help your customers solve a problem.  You will have a satisfied customer that will buy, buy again and tell others.  Isn’t that what you want?

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