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Use all of your senses

What would this smell like?

My wife and I recently visited our son in Charleston SC.  We spent a great day walking around and exploring the City.  One of the things we discovered about Charleston is the number of art galleries.  As it was explained to us, Charleston hosts over 4 million tourists each year.  The ratio of number of art galleries to number of tourists is one of he highest in the world.  Lots of people flock to Charleston each year and many leave with a piece of art or have it sent home via UPS.

I am not a painter and unfortunately have not taken any classes in art or art history.  When I walk into a gallery I really don’t know exactly what I am looking at.  That said there are some works that I really like and others that I wonder why anyone would care to hang that on a wall.

Galleries use various techniques to make their works appeal to prospective buyers.  Some use the wall they are mounted on; are there other pictures nearby, do the other pictures distract or add?  How big is the room?    Many times a highly priced work of art will be by itself on a wall.  If a gallery is going to give all that space to one work it must be valuable (or so it seems to the uniformed).  The opposite is also true.  One gallery has the corridor to the rest rooms filled with pictures.    That was not where they hung their best works.

I looked at the lighting; the best works had one or more spotlights trained on them.  Several shops had music playing in the background.

One gallery that stood out from all the others smelled like an art gallery.  The owner was one of the two artists whose work was displayed.  He was painting in one of the back rooms.  In addition to being able to talk to the artist I could smell what he was doing.  He was painting in oil.  The smell put me in a mood to appreciate the art work, not just looking at what he was working on but all of the paintings in his shop.

Part of the essence of a brand is how the buyer feels when they buy.

The better a customer feels about buying your product the easier it will be to differentiate your product from others and close the sale.   Consider using all of your senses to broaden the customer’s experience, close the sale and encourage them to tell their friends.

Until next time – all the best!


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